NAUTIS is a new generation of advanced DNV certified maritime training solutions for the military & civilian maritime industry, developed by VSTEP. The NAUTIS range of maritime training simulators offers an affordable alternative for training maritime officers and crews. With a full range of simulators, from desktop trainer to full mission bridge simulator, VSTEP delivers high quality cost-effective simulator solutions fulfilling the training requirements of nautical colleges, naval academies, maritime training centres and individual ship owners in compliance to the latest STCW requirements.

NAUTIS simulators have been designed on the following principles:

  • Efficient       - Train large numbers of trainees simultaneously
  • Affordable   - Accessible for every budget
  • Flexible        - Easily adaptable to specific training needs
  • Quality          - Highest level of graphical detail and realism
  • Compatible     - Standard interface to connect to external equipment
  • Ease of use    - User-friendly set of instructor tools

The NAUTIS  Maritime Simulator product line currently includes:

The NAUTIS brand also includes software products serving a wide range of competencies: :

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"VSTEP's NAUTIS simulators provide true to life maritime simulation and training in full accordance with known design criteria, class and IMO requirements."

- Capt. A. Nordholm, DNV Simulator Surveyor