Crane Simulator

VSTEP Crane Simulators are affordable and very high fidelity professional training simulators, allowing bulk crane operators to build and train their operational skills during standard and stress factor conditions and increasing their effectiveness and precision. VSTEP has delivered bulk crane simulators for leading industry clients, including a dry bulk crane simulator for EMO, the largest transhipment terminal for coal and iron ore in Western Europe.

VSTEP offers bulk crane simulator set-ups
tailored to customer requirements, incorporating advanced crane simulation software. Other crane types can be developed upon request. VSTEP Crane Simulators are no generic simulators but cater to the very specific needs of crane operators and specific crane types. We take pride in delivering the most realistic simulation model in the industry for a specific crane type. 

VSTEP Crane Simulators include full crane functionality and control consoles for realistic loading and offloading simulation and training in different time factor and weather conditions. The simulators use high quality sound effects and visuals with true-to-life dynamics for crane swinging and gravity pull.

An advanced mathematical model is used based on the cargo properties. Simulators use advanced collision and cargo spilling models (depending on crane type) and immediately show the consequences of improper crane operation. Full post training review and scorekeeping functionality is included for after action debriefing.

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"High quality and cost effective solutions, increasing operational effectiveness and precision for crane operators!"