VSTEP Simulation & Virtual Training:
The next best thing to real life!

VSTEP is a leading European developer of simulators and virtual training software. Using interactive 3D technology from the computer gaming industry, VSTEP creates simulators, training applications and serious games that allow people to build their skills in a safe, practical and cost effective way. Since its founding in 2002, VSTEP has successfully completed numerous training applications for leading industry clients and governmental organisations worldwide. As one of the industry leaders, VSTEP continues to innovate the virtual training world with professional, accurate and groundbreaking new simulation technology. VSTEP has several core products, including:

NAUTIS -  Maritime Simulation Training
: A new generation of DNV certified affordable advanced maritime training solutions and simulators for the military & civilian maritime industry.

RescueSim - Virtual Emergency Response Training : RescueSim is software that prepares first responders and safety & security professionals for real-life incidents and allows them to experience and train incidents in a safe virtual 3D environment.

EyeObserve - Surveillance Camera Operator Training : The EyeObserve Simulator trains surveillance camera operators to identify suspicious behavior and detect criminal and terrorist activity through virtual camera images. It was developed together with the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police, TNO and the National Coordinator Bureau for Counterterrorism (NCTV).

Crowd Control Trainer : The VSTEP Crowd Control Trainer was developed in cooperation with the Rotterdam Police and the Dutch Government and provides police commanders and crowd control training managers with an effective training tool for crowd-related incidents and demonstrations.

As winner of multiple innovation prizes and awards, VSTEP continues to set the standard for virtual training & simulation and advocates more effective training through enhanced virtual reality.

Latest news

A new RescueSim simulator, increasing training capacity for incident training was installed at the Dutch Unified Fire Department.

Are you visiting ITS 2014 in Hamburg from 16-20 June 2014?  Then be sure to drop by at the VSTEP/Praxis stand (n° 76) for a firsthand experience of the NAUTIS Tug & OSV Simulators.

During a festive ceremony on June 3rd, the new 360-Control Tug & OSV Training Centre was officially opened for the general public and customers. The simulators for the training centre are delivered and installed by VSTEP. 

The Berechja Maritime College in Urk opened its new simulator facility, which includes a NAUTIS DNV Class A FMB Simulator and a NAUTIS Desktop Trainer.

VSTEP won a prestigious contract to install FMB and Tug simulators at all three FIDENA Maritime Schools in Mexico. The contract was won by VSTEP and its Mexican partner Edutelsa through an official  competitive tender procedure and enables FIDENA to replace its old simulator technology with DNV certified NAUTIS simulators.